David Guetta - Battle (feat Faouzia) (audio snippet)

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David Guetta

David Guetta

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David Guetta feat Faouzia - Battle
(David Guetta, Danny Shah, George Tizzard, Rick Parkhouse, Boris Daenen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen, Carl Falk)
Produced by David Guetta, Red Triangle, Stargate & Netsky
Vocal Produced by Peter Carlsson, Carl Falk, Chris « TEK » O’Ryan & Aton Ben-Horin
Vocal mixed by Chris « TEK » O’Ryan
Mixed by Serban Ghenea at MixStar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
Faouzia appears courtesy of APG
Publishers: JackBack Publishing Ltd, admin by Write Here Music (SACEM) and Shapiro Bernstein (ASCAP); Tileyard Music Publishing, Warner Chappell, Stellar Songs/Sony ATV; MIKKEL SONGS Inc. (ASCAP); EMI April Music Inc. (ASCAP) obo EMI Music Publishing LTD (PRS)
℗ & © 2018 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company
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Paulo Miguel
Paulo Miguel Hace 23 días
This song deserve better!! This song deserve a videoclip
Yassin Khadraoui
Yassin Khadraoui Hace 2 meses
David guetta was born in Morocco as well
BTS ARMY salima
BTS ARMY salima Hace 5 meses
I love you fauozia Ifrom morooccan
Diogen is
Diogen is Hace 6 meses
flames and it nice song
Karim Elaasri
Karim Elaasri Hace 6 meses
Trump : guys put on lyrics to avoid confusion
kim jennie
kim jennie Hace 9 meses
Doja Hyung
Doja Hyung Hace 10 meses
you choosed so well David ♥♥♥ her voice is the greatest of all time
Lizzie Hace 11 meses
please do video for this song something about a couple so that. this song. will. be. on mtv
Imad Harrit
Imad Harrit Hace un año
Dimetriy Hit
Dimetriy Hit Hace un año
Amazing song!!!Best album!!!!
lolo zaha
lolo zaha Hace un año
my moroccan girl faouzia ❤❤
Gerta Heba
Gerta Heba Hace un año
I love this song, Faouzia kills it as always! I discovered her through ISC, and have been hooked ever since. I covered Faouzia's song "Bad Dreams" if anyone is interested in checking it out on my page :)
Feri Johanda
Feri Johanda Hace un año
I know, Sia writing this song for him
yas lam
yas lam Hace un año
ivi vasileva miteva
ivi vasileva miteva Hace un año
Me encanta!!
Multiphonix Hace un año
Fresh vocal line
annemarie hallinan
annemarie hallinan Hace un año
This is another fabulous song and think it's gud to anyone who has ever being bullied which i ad to put up in my own life but now i stand up for myself and like myself, but a bully don't even like even themselves and those who might b with them in there company know deep inside that a bully is a nasty person who are cowards. Don't ever let anyone destroy u, and Don't let them take ur smile only then they win.They didn't break me and i even stronger now and I smile everyday👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌞🌞🌞🌞
Volt Catastropher
Volt Catastropher Hace un año
Uneed to make this a single and a good music video. This song deserve it.
Rekstarr Hace un año
Awesome, still one of the best
Eyes Of Isabel
Eyes Of Isabel Hace un año
hi david dont forget to check out the band the eyes of isabel on youtube party on
Ella Dudley
Ella Dudley Hace un año
I love this song I stg
Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival
Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival Hace un año
Manitoba is proud of you, Faouzia!
From Earth? Anyone .. ? 1 Like = You Live On Earth. (ít's a joke lmfao)
Sara Arbelaez Varon
Sara Arbelaez Varon Hace un año
I love ❤❤❤ your music, is the best of the fuc**ng world. I love you!
Ariel Barría
Ariel Barría Hace un año
This girl is Faouzia, she's 18 years old. She was born on Morocco, and raised in Canada. She was listening Arab Music all her life, her parents listened with her this Music. When she makes music she is inspired by her Parents, her sisters, her family and by her life experiences. The most important things are her humble personality, her feelings and her strong and powerful voice.
gacha potato
gacha potato Hace 6 meses
And am her cousin
Blaize Hace un año
J'aimer bien quant tu fesait tes propre musique exemple : dangerous j'espere que tu lira au moin ce comment
Abdullah Sami
Abdullah Sami Hace un año
This is the best song of the album 😍 David guetta makes such beautiful music ❤️
SrBigodon Hace un año
Titanium 2.0
Doğa Hace un año
Romeo Sierras
Romeo Sierras Hace un año
Notice me guys , I thought she’s DUA LIPA similar voice 😭💕💕 ilove her
Darshak Salvi
Darshak Salvi Hace un año
Osum superb song
koijam Meitei
koijam Meitei Hace un año
This girl is gonna be a superstar someday
Romeo Sierras
Romeo Sierras Hace un año
I love her voice 💘
The leJINdary
The leJINdary Hace un año
Dunno Why But It Somewhat Sounds Like Suddenly-Kim Bo Kyung
Deadman's Wonderland
Deadman's Wonderland Hace un año
I love this 😳❤️💣💥
luna sangrienta
luna sangrienta Hace un año
Good afternoon my favorite Dj ,David Guetta,the song is very amazing, I love it the song.
Avior Castor
Avior Castor Hace un año
Soukaina Kassib
Soukaina Kassib Hace un año
Des marocains 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
HOT 24/7 Sint Maarten
HOT 24/7 Sint Maarten Hace un año
David we love what you're doing here at HOT 24/7 Sint Maarten! Faouzia is absolutely amazing! On behalf of the team here at HOT 24/7 Sint Maarten, Congratulations on the new Album! Amazing piece of musical artistry!
Davide Bianciotto
Davide Bianciotto Hace un año
Amazing song Here is a great GUITAR COVER esstream.com/chat/qoPIxY_FmdiKqak/v-deo
arnaud s
arnaud s Hace un año
Salut David c est quentin le petit que tu avais fait monter sur scène à amneville est Nancy je voulais juste savoir si tu te souviens de moi car c est tait un moment inoubliable ❤️❤️
Enxhon Fesko
Enxhon Fesko Hace un año
This the best song 👏👏
Lyrics World
Lyrics World Hace un año
esstream.com/chat/o32tsLLOfrVxanc/v-deo hay my Friends it is David guetta new song blame it on love please support me
Soumit Das
Soumit Das Hace un año
Completely blown away 😍
Geremy Mora
Geremy Mora Hace un año
Muy corta pero exelente, sigue asi david guetta
Руслан Решетниченко
Руслан Решетниченко Hace un año
Thank you one more song in the piggy bank from which goose bumps 👍👍👍👍
123abc S
123abc S Hace un año
Omg two years ago she came to my school to preform and now she is performing with David guetta. And her cousin is in my class!
Omar Saad
Omar Saad Hace un año
Titanium & Battle are the best so far
Luis Barbosa
Luis Barbosa Hace un año
Awesome Music David! you can you reinvent yourself so much ?
Fran Farias TUTORIALES Hace un año
Que voz que tiene esta mina, ojala saquen un video oficial
Bryan marshall
Bryan marshall Hace un año
Full version
Nadia ch
Nadia ch Hace un año
Diego Araújo
Diego Araújo Hace un año
Giuliano Cangelosi
Giuliano Cangelosi Hace un año
This needs to be a single.
luca vittori
luca vittori Hace un año
mitico guetta
Jun yeop
Jun yeop Hace un año
gorgeous music saved me againnnnnn omfg
George Zamroud
George Zamroud Hace un año
we want more artists like Faouziya! this is def the strongest song on that album! and we need chris willis back!
airo Windah
airo Windah Hace un año
63picx Pro
63picx Pro Hace un año
Brother thnks very much You hv just inspire me alot and now i open my new channel there is everything there pls guys subcribe on it.
Ashish Masih
Ashish Masih Hace un año
Dang, her voice gave me goosebumps!
Majd Khalaily
Majd Khalaily Hace 9 meses
@Amber Love and u dont even know me is great
Amber Love
Amber Love Hace 11 meses
You should check her song mountain and you'll have goosebumps then