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David Guetta

David Guetta

Hace 9 meses

Beatport LIVE invites Jack Back and Mark Knight for an intimate invite-only show overlooking Amsterdam from one of the city's most awe-inspiring venues.

Ina Lozbeņa
Ina Lozbeņa Hace 5 días
Великолепно 💪 DAVID
H. Ladin Camci
H. Ladin Camci Hace 26 días
Keep watching and listing this - one of the greatest performance of David Guetta / Jack Back
Esteban alvarez
Esteban alvarez Hace un mes
Muy bueno
Florian Sedan
Florian Sedan Hace un mes
What's the track in 46 min please ??????
Makrele 3110
Makrele 3110 Hace un mes
still anyone in 2020 ?
Sounds Gud
Sounds Gud Hace un mes
What a set!
Nicole Snoeck
Nicole Snoeck Hace un mes
YESS!! Elavate your mind!!
Kashyap Upadhyay
Kashyap Upadhyay Hace un mes
Sabina M.
Sabina M. Hace 2 meses
Amazing Intro 🔥🎶❤️🔊!!!!!
Bogdan kowalski
Bogdan kowalski Hace 2 meses
bum,bum,bum...what is that every dj can make music like this..bum,bum
paok νυν και αει
paok νυν και αει Hace 2 meses
Name song 42:00 pls?
alonso232 Hace 2 meses
This is so enjoyable, personally i like more than actually David Guetta
Sandeep Jamwal
Sandeep Jamwal Hace 2 meses
Yes this kind of music selection i just love it
Joe TheMan
Joe TheMan Hace 3 meses
"Yesss oh yeaah yess", hearing this set loud is little confusing for neighbours....
Sabina M.
Sabina M. Hace 2 meses
Yeaph I have done this with my Speakers & later it was a great Party in my Garden, soooo cool, 🔊😄👍!!!!!
John Lumapas
John Lumapas Hace 3 meses
What an amazing Set David, but Jesus! Why are people not dancing? Stop crowding the DJ, let the man do his Job and enjoy the groove. Put the phones away! I know it's David Guetta, but he's doing Jack back this night. He should be just like any other unknown DJ
Plaztik Hace 3 meses
Jack Back is the Fkn Boss!!
Pete Fisher Makeup Artist
Pete Fisher Makeup Artist Hace 3 meses
Better than your Guetta stuff. Youre awesome ❤ thank you for doing those sounds
ATomke Noiz
ATomke Noiz Hace 3 meses
Dont stop jack back i dont stop to lovin your music years by years
Jahan Hadi
Jahan Hadi Hace 3 meses
David Guetta used to be my idol when he was playing electro house, nice to see him back with techno, perfect decision!
juan paul
juan paul Hace 3 meses
Oh! Mr. Guetta u don't have any idea how much we missed you.
PHILOXIO Hace 3 meses
DAVID GUETTA ❤️👍 est Le Pape de l'électro musique
Iam Erick
Iam Erick Hace 3 meses
Vuelve a la musica comercial, no hagas el ridiculo
Roma Ru
Roma Ru Hace 3 meses
Absolutely f***ing good!!! Quarantine party 🤭
Adam Dreier
Adam Dreier Hace 4 meses
This were David Guetta belongs
Adam Dreier
Adam Dreier Hace 4 meses
This is some super deep tech house
PHILOXIO Hace 3 meses
Dominic Meurer
Dominic Meurer Hace 5 meses
I really love this Side of you
FORÇA JOVEM Hace 5 meses
Play like that in more places and more times.
m75 S
m75 S Hace 5 meses
Imagine being subjected to that utter tripe after knight’s excellent set. I’d have been offski to the red light district to ride a dwarf hooker rather than listen to that guff.
gio dvali
gio dvali Hace 5 meses
45:40 ID - ID ?
DJ Cuetime
DJ Cuetime Hace 4 meses
Whats your question? You want to know, which ID this is?
Cristian Vladimir
Cristian Vladimir Hace 5 meses
Intro song?
Karlos Pelaez
Karlos Pelaez Hace 5 meses
Nice Dj Set David Guetta !
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Hace 5 meses
AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG !!! - When you think it's done .. no no ... GUETTA reinvented again .. and again .. and again ... it's a pleasure watch to DAVID play this song ... and not only EDM like other
Albert Bassa
Albert Bassa Hace 4 meses
Es lo que tienen las modas, que son productos y se agotan. David tiene mucha calidad, aunque la mayoria de su carrera esa calidad no se ha visto.... Lo que si que ha visto ha sido mucho dinero
Jan Tarnawski
Jan Tarnawski Hace 5 meses
5:55 ??? ID PLS :)
Larzark Hace 5 meses
Put out those phones, ¡please!
Syahrul Naim
Syahrul Naim Hace 6 meses
Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Daniel G
Daniel G Hace 6 meses
50:20 track name pls!
Gustavo Sepúlveda
Gustavo Sepúlveda Hace 6 meses
29:34 track ID? Pls
David Guetta World
David Guetta World Hace 6 meses
iAlarkoNz II Tom Staar & Jack Back - Body Beat
Светлана Чапакиди
Светлана Чапакиди Hace 6 meses
Красавчик!!! Мой любимчик!!!
Igor Prodanovic
Igor Prodanovic Hace 6 meses
2000 freaks and Baiana Both Jack Back Remix ❤️
Валерий Романчук
Валерий Романчук Hace 6 meses
Амстердам, Нидерланды. С постройки в 1971 и до 2009 года здание принадлежало нефтяной компании Royal Dutch Shell. В 2016 году произведена глобальная реконструкция. Башня напоминает космический корабль, спроектирована под наклоном в 45 градусов к реке Ай. Название до реконструкции - Toren Overhoeks, местные жители называли ее “Шеллотрен”, башня Шелл. Новое название происходит от словосочетания Amsterdam Dance and Music. В здании находятся рестораны и панорамные бары, музыкальная школа A’DAM Music School и несколько студий звукозаписи. На первых 7-ми этажах расположен отель Sir Adam Hotel.
Avijit Manna
Avijit Manna Hace 6 meses
David Guetta 💓💓💓the god of DJ
Promo Prod
Promo Prod Hace 6 meses
ENJOY Music :@t
DIEGO SALAZAR Hace 7 meses
33:38 what's up man?
Luis Collado
Luis Collado Hace 7 meses
Does anyone knows the starting song?, I used to hear it all the time, but I can’t remember the name!
Ajay Katrapati
Ajay Katrapati Hace 6 meses
Luis Collado Voice’s from the dawn - adriatique
Andree Morales
Andree Morales Hace 7 meses
36:14 Grenade Love this song
Quince Quince
Quince Quince Hace 7 meses
The STH Hace 7 meses
08:13 track?????
נסים ניסן אלחדד
נסים ניסן אלחדד Hace 6 meses
Maxim lany - renaissance
Ruben F.
Ruben F. Hace 7 meses
Too slow rithm
Avijit Manna
Avijit Manna Hace 7 meses
💓Guruji Of Dj💓🙌🙌🙌
Avijit Manna
Avijit Manna Hace 7 meses
God Father of DJ
Fille Sandström
Fille Sandström Hace 7 meses
7:00 track???!!
David Guetta World
David Guetta World Hace 7 meses
Fille Sandström David Guetta & MORTEN- Alive
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell Hace 7 meses
7,35 who knows that track!!!
Victor Caamaño
Victor Caamaño Hace 7 meses
29:30 pliiiiiss Track id?
beyond Hace 8 meses
Just imagine this as a real rave. All the jaws,.. i would totally feel it
Shreyansh Shrey
Shreyansh Shrey Hace 8 meses
What’s the music at 7:50 to 8:15
David Guetta World
David Guetta World Hace 7 meses
Shreyansh Shrey David Guetta & MORTEN - Alive
Azy Jack
Azy Jack Hace 8 meses
46 i need that track !
Гражданин Hace 8 meses
Amazing !!!!! Guetta super
Igor Savic
Igor Savic Hace 8 meses
Song at 29:35 ???? Track ID?
Alessandro Dini
Alessandro Dini Hace 8 meses
I admit this isn't half bad, for Guetta that is. It's mainstream yet interesting and not boring. He even dropped the kolsch remix of countach! ^^