Anne-Marie sings Don't Leave Me Alone (Acoustic)

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David Guetta

David Guetta

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Video credit: Ryan Hadji
David Guetta feat Anne-Marie - Don’t Leave Me Alone
(David Guetta, Noonie Bao, Linus Wiklund, Sarah Aarons)
Produced by David Guetta & Lotus IV
Additional production by Timofey Reznikov & Albert Harvey (GLOWINTHEDARK)
Mixed & mastered by Serban Ghenea at MixStar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
Engineered by John Hanes
All Instruments and Programming by Lotus IV, David Guetta, Timofey Reznikov & Albert Harvey
Backing vocals by Noonie Bao & Sarah Aarons
Publishers: JackBack Publishing Ltd, admin by Write Here Music (SACEM) and Shapiro Bernstein (ASCAP); EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI) o/b/o EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia AB (STIM); Lurpi Songs AB, admin by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing (AMRA); Sony/ATV Music Publishing Allegro (AUS) P/L
Anne-Marie appears courtesy of Major Toms/Asylum Records UK, a division of Warner Music UK Limited
(P) & (C) 2018 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company
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Tina Kerridge
Tina Kerridge Hace 16 horas
Deepthi Rajendran
Deepthi Rajendran Hace 2 días
I love the way u sing the word alone ♥️
Brahim Bouhad
Brahim Bouhad Hace 4 días
مرة اذا وضعت يدك على ركبته انك تمسني المس الاحساس كل من يدعي بما ليس فيه كذبته شواهد الامتحان شناهدار تبا بوب مارلي
Brahim Bouhad
Brahim Bouhad Hace 4 días
مرة اذا وضعت يدك على ركبته انك تمسني المس الاحساس كل من يدعي بما ليس فيه كذبته شواهد الامتحان شناهدار تبا بوب مارلي
Brahim Bouhad
Brahim Bouhad Hace 4 días
Film tapis rouge Virginie efira
Aayush Shah
Aayush Shah Hace 4 días
Ok kids,the guy on sofa is tricking you Never try that. Not even if world ends You will regret it.
kobitar shohor
kobitar shohor Hace 11 días
What a beautiful vocal.. Just love it.
木夏尔巴།多吉拉 Hace 12 días
Anne your owsmmmmmmmmm😘😘🌻
سبايدزر اام
سبايدزر اام Hace 12 días
The euwoeyeprr E urwoeueyeowryeiwirywqoryqoeyeqieteoweywiwwyewowtewowldchxmzxhskzjxjsiwqouzaIqaidhsiageqyttja62/﷼867979876997&jj on gfgshsydhyxduwiwiesuowidehwkeieuwiw💋💋💋👙💋💋
Eulalyn Gupana
Eulalyn Gupana Hace 14 días
Aditya gunawan
Aditya gunawan Hace 15 días
Ya selamat anda menemukan komentar bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩😁🖐️
Henry Hmar
Henry Hmar Hace 16 días
Best of best in our generation
Jehana Music
Jehana Music Hace 19 días
Exceptional talent ♥
Ann Marie Villarubia
Ann Marie Villarubia Hace 19 días
I love Anne-Marie! ❤️ from: Ann Marie 😘
Albin Thomas
Albin Thomas Hace 20 días
my gf does the same, but still I love her
Nia's World
Nia's World Hace 21 un día
kamu sepatunan kaki e ke kursi mas :(
paulin zoumenou
paulin zoumenou Hace 23 días
Rahman Trip
Rahman Trip Hace 23 días
Theresia Alda
Theresia Alda Hace 24 días
I like it💕
TRIDIP sty Hace 25 días
Truly awesome 😃
Kinja Janger
Kinja Janger Hace 25 días
Bop 💙💙 tbh Anne Marie dont have a single bad song
Wan Zulhusmi
Wan Zulhusmi Hace 26 días
기타라이프 Hace 29 días
저 신발이 새 것이기를..
varshini sv
varshini sv Hace un mes
Half of the comment talking about guy who is wearing his shoes while sitting on sofa Me: what is written on anne Marie's t-shirt 😬
varshini sv
varshini sv Hace un mes
Love you anne marie lots of love from India ❤️
Ian Gilbert Wangui
Ian Gilbert Wangui Hace un mes
Woow..... The voice❤️
ItsCronosito Hace un mes
I miss Ed Sheeran playing the guitar 😪❤️
Milan Laishram
Milan Laishram Hace un mes
Who is that lucky man?
Yieeeut 13
Yieeeut 13 Hace un mes
Heeeeeeeeeey 😍😍
U.P. 4014
U.P. 4014 Hace un mes
Why in the world would 1,077 people dislike this? It is a piece of artwork and beauty
zey c
zey c Hace un mes
amazing voice
Fatah gODZILA Hace un mes
Uncomfortable look that guy sit on the top
Kartika Ayuningtyas
Kartika Ayuningtyas Hace un mes
The most perfect "Hey" that I ever heard 😂😂😂
Pranaw Khatri
Pranaw Khatri Hace un mes
Dammmmitttt nailed it😭😭😭😭
Siti Nuraini
Siti Nuraini Hace un mes
Bahaa Abid
Bahaa Abid Hace un mes
Iam Bahaa from Iraq country Arabic and I love you so much love your voice and your style
Rufus Reír
Rufus Reír Hace un mes
Evidently, Anne-Marie never asked, "does my butt look big in this" !!
Shipfo Temi
Shipfo Temi Hace un mes
Denish Kamei
Denish Kamei Hace un mes
I like her voice and the way of acting
Anny Castro
Anny Castro Hace un mes
Rullah Hazmi
Rullah Hazmi Hace un mes
Nice of soong. 👍
Midhun M
Midhun M Hace un mes
love her
marc Horoscop
marc Horoscop Hace un mes
Nice ❤️
Arima Pendragon
Arima Pendragon Hace un mes
*I truly love Anne-marie's acoustics way more than recorded versions* ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Saeed Saleh
Saeed Saleh Hace un mes
You are my favourite 💓❤️❤️❤️
chegam ardino
chegam ardino Hace un mes
What a sweet voice!! Amazing. Wow
Joner Decastro
Joner Decastro Hace un mes
Im starting inlove and blush so beautifull voice so brilliant talented Anne marie who listtening now on Quarantine
Shafiq Islam
Shafiq Islam Hace un mes
Who is one trued black and white my favorite color?
Srujan Mittapelli
Srujan Mittapelli Hace un mes
Enough talking about beanie sitting on sofa with shoes on now let's talk about Anne Marie sitting on edge of seat , referring phone in accordance to lyrics
redmango max
redmango max Hace un mes
Can anyone talk about Anne Marie sitting on the edge of sofa ? No Cause we are irritated by him sitting on it with shoes on
J.D problems
J.D problems Hace un mes
Wow such a great voice
Victor bungpui vick
Victor bungpui vick Hace un mes
So2 Nis buty
Fablo Winner
Fablo Winner Hace 2 meses
your voice is better than autotune
Alan Fenn
Alan Fenn Hace 2 meses
She don't need Auto Tune lol - so good and BB on guitar awesome rhythm - harder than it looks!!
Kechon TKamwaingatetaake
Kechon TKamwaingatetaake Hace 2 meses
Cahyo henderson
Cahyo henderson Hace 2 meses
Sederhana sekali...
Guven Karatas
Guven Karatas Hace 2 meses
Seni seviyorum
Cristy Cabanillas
Cristy Cabanillas Hace 2 meses
Dana Victoria Gómez Espinoza
Dana Victoria Gómez Espinoza Hace 2 meses
I love anne marie's voice😍😍♥️