The Road To Jack Back

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David Guetta

David Guetta

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Beatport presents The Road To Jack Back
*French / Portuguese / Spanish subtitles available*
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脕ngel Fojo
脕ngel Fojo Hace 4 meses
Si se帽or me encanta Jack Back, siendo sincero perd铆 un poco de f茅. V铆 como se convirti贸 en comercial y c贸mo lo ataban. De repente descubr铆 a Jack Back y me di贸 mucha felicidad. Cuando empec茅 con la m煤sica David Guetta siempre fu茅 mi 铆dolo Y yo un fan en secreto. Y a d铆a de hoy luego de ver este documental solo puedo decir, que muchas gracias por volver a disfrutar y a la vez por hacernos disfrutar.
AQVILVS Hace 6 meses
One thing to remember : f*** labels
JimLoogMusic Hace 6 meses
He鈥檚 back
Fabio Russo
Fabio Russo Hace 7 meses
Daniel Pi贸rkowski
Daniel Pi贸rkowski Hace 8 meses
This Film most see more peopel nice start David :)
gio dvali
gio dvali Hace 8 meses
you are BEST
Doug Al
Doug Al Hace 8 meses
Long live Headphone Jacks!!!
Bella Ciao
Bella Ciao Hace 9 meses
2008 Belgrade Real house music. After that, he run for money. And then money talks with pop culture. . And now yu want to come back to house culture? Uff, well yu need to work a lot, A LOT, becouse yu lose so many people, and now yu have a kids. So i wish yu the best! But yu lose me and lot of people after 2010. We will see... Good luck
JustinusJulius Hace 9 meses
Gonna be really honest here: I, as a guy who really believes that artists need to show some kind of integrity when it comes to their music production and songwriting and shouldn't hire ghostproducers to compose and produce songs for them, always had a problem with the David Guetta hits. I thought that some of the music he released was cool and some not, but regardless of that I always thought: "This song was composed and produced to a very large extent by others, like Giorgio Tuinfort, Boaz van de Beatz and Netsky." Therefore I didn't really respect David Guetta as much as (obviously) his fans and the mainstream radio-listeners. This Jack Back project sounds like David is trying to be more like himself and trying to forget the radio hits. I know that this is of course some sort of promotion (I mean, it's on his ESstream) but still he deserves props and respect for this endeavour. Wish you good luck and a hella fun, David!
Aleksander Adamczewski
Aleksander Adamczewski Hace 9 meses
MJ speedzone
MJ speedzone Hace 11 meses
Ya I like Jack Back groves better. Hah keep it up! And plz bring back u.k. hard house. The world needs it.. not this top 40 BPM soft dance crap that wveryone listens to now. Kids these days dont know real house.
bloxboyoutube underground
bloxboyoutube underground Hace 11 meses
Notice how David Guetta鈥檚 hits came out from 4-9 YEARS ago. I feel like he lost him mojo, cause damn it was that long time ago. But now that he is moving to Jack Back, I think this might be a good thing considering he will be the real him and that will give us some nostalgia music.
Emanuele Giordano
Emanuele Giordano Hace 11 meses
Okay now anyone saying in comments things like "I miss old Guetta" must be satisfied
Tesla di Murbox
Tesla di Murbox Hace 11 meses
Hi David! You could make some video to tell us about one of your first sucess... "Just For One Day ". So simple, but fantastic! Certainly I, like many of your fans, miss the vibe without major musical structures and large audience polls, which is why record labels died: Companies think music needs to be complex when the audience just wants to "feel the adrenaline rush" at a contagious pace.
Sabina M.
Sabina M. Hace un a帽o
David is really a GENIUS & I LOVE ALL HIS MUSIC !!!!!!
Douglas Delgado
Douglas Delgado Hace un a帽o
Amazing! Long life for Jack Back
IZZUMI Hace un a帽o
What is the first song?
kelloggs frosted flakes
kelloggs frosted flakes Hace un a帽o
Only 15 minutes?
Rob Toogood
Rob Toogood Hace un a帽o
Back to his best! Fair play, little more love is absolute classic, still sounds amazing all these years later.
Dan E
Dan E Hace un a帽o
Welcome back... Shame that you needed to release this to prove to the kids what you used to do. Can't wait to see and hear more!
Selvio Dsouza
Selvio Dsouza Hace un a帽o
The track at 11:05 what is that?馃お馃敟
L H Hace un a帽o
Luis Montilla
Luis Montilla Hace un a帽o
ojala que alg煤n d铆a reflexione tiesto y vuelva a sus ra铆ces
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Hace un a帽o
莽a me fume quand il passe d'un accent anglais 脿 un nom fran莽ais; sinon t'es le meilleur continue 脿 nous faire r锚ver comme tu sais le faire ;) Bonne Continuation !
OTB Recordings
OTB Recordings Hace un a帽o
That's a very good idea mr.guetta!! I'd love to hear some underground stuff
Joaquim M茅ndez
Joaquim M茅ndez Hace un a帽o
Track 11:02
KILLHA MUSIC Hace un a帽o
quisiera saber ingles para saber de que habla :麓(
Eliot Malka
Eliot Malka Hace un a帽o
you are a true genius !!!
Neil Kurzweil
Neil Kurzweil Hace un a帽o
Enfin du vrai son ..... Il 茅tait temps... Reprendre les MkII tu devrais.... retour aux sources.... Save the vinyle... Peace
George Varga
George Varga Hace un a帽o
Keep it up Guetta papa!
Naw Fel
Naw Fel Hace un a帽o
Inspiring ! David guetta infact is a very smart artist ! respect
Nectar Hace un a帽o
i thought this said "the road to jack black"
Brayden Taylor
Brayden Taylor Hace un a帽o
Same... That's the reason why I clicked
James Moore
James Moore Hace un a帽o
Ermm.. what is the BANGER at 12min 33secs ???
James Moore
James Moore Hace un a帽o
P.s. very inspiring vid
We need more V铆deos Like this
Niels S
Niels S Hace un a帽o
finally i understand more about this guy...
PM Affair
PM Affair Hace un a帽o
Awesome! You can see that for David it's all about the music. For the love of music!
MorboAalst Hace un a帽o
Welcome back David :)
Howard Charles
Howard Charles Hace un a帽o
Very refreshing to see
Alex Leung
Alex Leung Hace un a帽o
Happy to see him realise that and step out of the frame and start with a new name.
Chpimpas Hace un a帽o
What makes me angry is that it took so many years he decided to go back to the original sound!
F3L!X R Hace un a帽o
whouaw 馃憣馃槏
Simen Lund
Simen Lund Hace un a帽o
Yess! Go on with this! No offence, but the show you did on Tomorrowland last year, the thing with the beatmaker, that was the coolest thing i have ever seen you do馃槂
Oscar's Places
Oscar's Places Hace un a帽o
Great Story!
PabloWan Hace un a帽o
L脕ZARO PEREIRA Hace un a帽o
Emilio Ramirez
Emilio Ramirez Hace un a帽o
Nice to see you coming back to your roots. Everybody knows him from EDM, but he has a past not everyone know. This video is good for that people! Some good history. :)
Nicolas Fleron
Nicolas Fleron Hace un a帽o
effin love it!
The Reindeers
The Reindeers Hace un a帽o
How is he 52 man :D
Achour Benakli
Achour Benakli Hace un a帽o
Really good video, much support of choosing what you really want.
Thomas Rellum
Thomas Rellum Hace un a帽o
Respect to you Pierre 鉂わ笍
James Hype
James Hype Hace un a帽o
Real OG! This is dope!
Ryan Conway
Ryan Conway Hace un a帽o
Your both dope
Daftworld Hace un a帽o
Daft Punk n' a pas ce blem' loool RIP David Guetta !!!
Idris Jones
Idris Jones Hace un a帽o
What song is playing in the background at the start? I can't get the vocal out my head!
padegrave Hace un a帽o
What 2 say - Jack Back
Gustavo Pacheco Ortiz-Pinchetti
Gustavo Pacheco Ortiz-Pinchetti Hace un a帽o
Guetta i feel really happy for you
Gringolivier Hace un a帽o
Quel parcours ! Bravo !
Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara Hace un a帽o
One of the most motivational videos that i ever seen. David, 3 years ago i was thinking that you lost the essence of your best tracks like Sexy Bitch or Love is Gone, but with Jack Back you recover this feeling of freedom and happines that your tracks had. Im so grateful with your new music and your new projects
KING HUNTER Hace un a帽o
Ya estas viejito amigo!! Pero que eso no te quite lo grande que eres
Jes煤s Vel谩zquez Castell谩n
Jes煤s Vel谩zquez Castell谩n Hace un a帽o
David Guetta and Daft Punk the gods
dante mojares
dante mojares Hace un a帽o
I love this mantality! You go David guetta... I mean JACKBACK
valentin matias
valentin matias Hace un a帽o
4:40 song?
amilcar becerra
amilcar becerra Hace un a帽o
Someone know the name of the track at 12:32?
amilcar becerra
amilcar becerra Hace un a帽o
@Jose alberto Mejia Ramirez Gracias
Jose alberto Mejia Ramirez
Jose alberto Mejia Ramirez Hace un a帽o
Jack Back - Grenade
Dj Alex Riddle
Dj Alex Riddle Hace un a帽o
welcome back
David Guetta = Legend 馃敟 Daft Punk = Legends 馃敟馃敟
Martin Riedel
Martin Riedel Hace un a帽o
thank you for great music
Morgan Play
Morgan Play Hace un a帽o
DJ Rage 鉂わ笍
TV C脫C Hace un a帽o
Helllo. I鈥欌檓from Vietnam. I really want you to visit channel. Thanks
Dhinu Sanu
Dhinu Sanu Hace un a帽o
MM DG Hace un a帽o
Sunomad Hace un a帽o
Bravo !
Peter Van den Berg
Peter Van den Berg Hace un a帽o
馃帶 馃幖 鉂わ笍
SuperStereo Channel
SuperStereo Channel Hace un a帽o
Thx this!
Jonas Fidalgo
Jonas Fidalgo Hace un a帽o
llenalunas Hace un a帽o
This guy is intelligent and sincere. I feel a lot of respect for him. The way he express himself, his passion and somehow i feel he is humble. At the beginning i thought he was just a very lucky rock-dj star, but now i have less prejudices and I can just listen music without judging people. Lately it happens I'm at my car listening to the radio station, and a great song comes up that I like, and many times after i now that song was from David Guetta. I like the way he is and how can collaborate with other people and extract the best of many wolds. Nice guy
谩ngel Hace un a帽o
Finally he's back to his roots 馃幍鉂わ笍馃敟 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃幍馃幍馃幍馃幍馃幍
Calixte de Miribel
Calixte de Miribel Hace un a帽o
i love him
fady ninga
fady ninga Hace un a帽o
Please come to Egypt 馃挋 I was listen to your work when I was 8 years old now I'm 21 and listening to your music every day
GotWub Hace un a帽o
Praise Daft Punk
Peter Note
Peter Note Hace un a帽o
The reincarnation of a DJ. Nice to see that you do what you love to do again. I think it's sad when a DJ turns into a hit pistol. There are to many Ti毛sto's out there already.
josue daniel padilla
josue daniel padilla Hace un a帽o
El EDM no esta muerto!!!, solo es un peque帽o descanso. Esperemos
Souto Hace un a帽o
Thank you for your initiative, David. You have all our support 鈾ワ笍
Nay Garcia
Nay Garcia Hace un a帽o
Wow. Que humilde. Mi dj favorito
Edna Cervera
Edna Cervera Hace un a帽o
David guetta 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
Mayk谋l Skofiy谋ld
Mayk谋l Skofiy谋ld Hace un a帽o
Samuray jack sand谋m aq 馃様
L H.
L H. Hace un a帽o
Thankyou for sharing your story me David it was Amazing!!!! c xxxx
Driver Brad
Driver Brad Hace un a帽o
So great. No phuking cell phones. Just passion for the music.
Ties Pauelsen
Ties Pauelsen Hace un a帽o
This is why David Guetta is not just a big and popular producer, he's a legend
Claudia De Benedetti
Claudia De Benedetti Hace un a帽o
INQUIETANTE...Roba ke nemmeno i Massive anke qst musica provoca una sindrome come qll d Lavandonia?
Claudia De Benedetti
Claudia De Benedetti Hace un a帽o
Musica tipo qll d Lavandonia
Claudia De Benedetti
Claudia De Benedetti Hace un a帽o
Back home...back to the roots (RIP Pino Daniele)
Tom Hall Official
Tom Hall Official Hace un a帽o
Big respect for this.
Alexis Huddart
Alexis Huddart Hace un a帽o
I remember house music in the day, it was what you were turning up with in your box. You sound just like friends & did a similar thing, feeling the crowd ......... Fabulous
Neshama Neshama
Neshama Neshama Hace un a帽o
Exvelente documental
Duryab Khan
Duryab Khan Hace un a帽o
I just love u Damn can't resist
Replay Records
Replay Records Hace un a帽o
Massive respect 馃檹
Christian Rodri
Christian Rodri Hace un a帽o
The king is back 馃敟
Olala Beng
Olala Beng Hace un a帽o
We missed鉂わ笍
Factual Hace un a帽o
Dj Adrian Esparza
Dj Adrian Esparza Hace un a帽o
Can you bring it back to #Chicago?
Joe Liu
Joe Liu Hace un a帽o
Nedvio Hace un a帽o
Good for you David! It's important that you do what you LOVE! Respect 馃嚝馃嚪馃幍馃嚜馃嚜馃敟
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